OSH Forklift Beginner 1-Day Training

Our 1-day beginner forklift training has been developed for adult learners who are new to operating forklifts and are looking for an intensive beginner’s course. This beginner course can be completed in a single day while enjoying a thorough and supportive learning environment.

These courses have reduced trainee numbers so that you can achieve the best learning outcome and be coached in a real-life warehousing simulation.


  • Reduced trainee numbers to maximise drive time
  • All aspects of the WorkSafe/OSH Forklift Operator Certificate 1-day course
  • Additional support from our experienced and friendly trainers as you learn and absorb new material
  • Extensive practical training and coaching on the forklift with various scenarios to allow you to enhance your skills and develop your confidence and expertise
  • An additional certificate showing that you have completed comprehensive forklift operator training
  • Assessment for NZQA US 10851: Operate a powered industrial lift truck (forklifts)

English language proficiency: 
Trainees are required to have a level of written and oral English equivalent to NCEA Level 1 (year 11) or IELTS 5 or higher, to attend our courses due to training and assessment requirements. If you require a reader/writer support person to accompany you on the course, please contact us to arrange this before booking.

– Beginner 1-day Forklift Training - $399.00 + GST

– Beginner 1-day Forklift Training + F Endorsement - $449.00 + GST



Will you be driving the forklift on a road or in a public place? Or somewhere with pedestrian access? You may legally require an F endorsement!


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