Wheels, Tracks & Rollers Endorsement

Heavy machinery generally falls into one of three areas: either it moves on wheels, tracks or rollers. To operate any of these you require the right licence for the weight of the vehicle and the required endorsement.

To do the course all you need is to have a current full New Zealand driver licence. On completion of the course you will receive a course certificate. On its own this certificate is not a licence or endorsement. You must take the certificate provided by Agoge Training to a licensing agent (VTNZ, AA) to have it added to your licence and pay an additional fee directly.

The unit standards that you can gain are:

  • US 16701 - Wheels
  • US 16703 - Tracks
  • US 16702 – Rollers

You can get the endorsements individually, or all three:

W, T or R - each $200 + GST
All three (WTR) - $388.00 + GST


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