NZQA External Quality Assurance

Our External Quality Assurance Provider Category is 1. Our statement of confidence on educational performance and our capability in self-assessment are rated as 'highly confident' by NZQA. For our latest NZQA EER report please click here to view.
(Please note the report is under Agoge Training as the EER took place before we merged all our courses and changed the company name to IVS Training).

IVS Group

As part of the IVS Group, IVS Training is committed to the delivery of quality services and operating a continuous improvement model.

Our Responsibilities

IVS is formally recognised for meeting standards of quality, performance, technical expertise, competence and professional judgement. IVS operates to government regulations, national and international standards, and in accordance with the criteria of an approved training provider.

Our Operating Environment and People

The IVS operating framework encompasses systems, process, culture and values by which the IVS team undertake services and engage with industry. The IVS team are committed to:

  • Act with independence, impartiality and integrity
  • Uphold the highest level of customer satisfaction and professional standards
  • Maintain technical competence and knowledge
  • Keep customers up to date with regulation, standards or rule changes
  • Providing efficient and value for money services
  • Carry out services in an efficient and reliable manner

To find out more about the IVS Group, please go to

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