First Aid Essentials (level 1) Training

The First Aid Essentials Training course is designed for low-risk workplaces and individuals who want to gain fundamental skills, ranging from minor injuries to being able to recognise and treat life-threatening emergencies until help arrives.

There are three parts to this course: 

  • Online Pre-Learning:
    This is divided into modules that the participant can complete at their own pace and takes approximately 4 hours.
    • Assess and manage trauma conditions, including wounds, soft tissue injuries, burns, fractures, dislocations, and poisoning (NZQA Unit Standard 6401).
    • Assess and manage medical conditions including asthma, anaphylaxis, heart attacks, angina, strokes, seizures and diabetes (NZQA Unit Standard 6401).
    • Recognise and provide basic life support, including airway management, CPR (infants, children and infants), defibrillator (AED) use, shock, choking and bleeding control (NZQA Unit Standard 6402).  
    • Assess the scene and manage hazards that may be present when providing basic life support (NZQA Unit Standard 6402).  
    • Completion of the online pre-learning course is mandatory before attending the in-person practical session, and participants must present their certificate of completion to the trainer.
  • In-person Practical Session:
    New Zealand Resuscitation Council approved Emergency Care Instructors will address any queries participants may have from the pre-learning, demonstrate the application of this new knowledge, and guide participants in practicing first aid management skills.
    Where the course can be completed onsite, trainers will adapt scenario-based activities to the workplace.  
  • Assessment 
    Completed on the same day as the classroom practical, there will be assessments against NZQA unit standards 6401 and 6402. To pass, the assessor must provide sign-off and confirm that the participant was able to demonstrate the right skills to respond in a simulated accident or emergency. 
    Please Note: Failure to provide evidence of completing the online pre-learning will result in the participant not being awarded these unit standards.
    In total, the classroom practical training and assessment should take 4 hours.


First Aid Essentials Refresher Training

The First Aid Essentials (level 1) Refresher Training is for people who hold a current certificate that requires renewal.


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