Wheels, Tracks & Rollers

Wheels, Tracks & Rollers Endorsement

Heavy machinery generally falls into one of three areas: either it moves on wheels, tracks or rollers. To operate any of these you require the right licence for the weight of the vehicle and the required endorsement. Our Wheels, Tracks and Rollers Course is split into three components:

– Wheels includes vehicles such as loaders, scrapers, graders etc (‘W’ endorsement)
– Tracks covers excavators/diggers, crawler tractors/cranes etc (‘T’ endorsement)
– Rollers includes machines like sheepsfoot, single drum, or double drum rollers (‘R’ endorsement)

You can enrol in the course for all three endorsements, OR you can enrol in one or two of the specific vehicles you wish to get your endorsement for (i.e. tracks only). You can complete your endorsement training with a New Zealand Class 1R (restricted driver licence) however cannot put the endorsement on your driver licence until you have obtained a Full Class 1 New Zealand driver licence.

The first half of the course is theory-based in which you will learn:

  • the types of vehicles you can operate
  • the features of the vehicles
  • the safety considerations relating to using this machinery

You will then have a short theory test followed by a small practical test on the machinery. Once you have finished and passed the course you will be given an endorsement certificate which is required to be taken to a NZTA facility (e.g. VTNZ, AA) and have the endorsement put onto your licence. Please note this is an extra cost that you will have to pay independently.

The unit standards covered in this course include:

  • US 16701 - Wheels
  • US 16703 - Tracks
  • US 16702 – Rollers

You can complete the endorsements individually, or combine your training to attain all three.

English language proficiency:
You are required to have a level of written and oral English equivalent to NCEA Level 1 (year 11) or IELTS 5 or higher to attend our courses, due to training and assessment requirements. If you require a reader/writer support person to accompany you on the course, please contact us to arrange this before booking.

Please note: This course specifically relates to NZTA endorsement training for the WTR Endorsements i.e. The tracks course will not teach you how to become a digger operator.  Find out more about NZTA Special-Vehicle Endorsements here:



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